Z4 -- Eubank Blvd: 300-500 North

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These blocks of Eubank Blvd. are characterized by an apparent lack of city maintenance. The street is pockmarked by potholes, the gutters replete with refuse. Occasionally, one may spot a bum making an extra couple bucks by collecting cans and bottles. Gunshots and the sound of breaking glass can be heard from the south, where the Warzone sprawls out like some sort of vast, unpleasant oil slick.

Toward the north, however, the streetscape improves considerably. Though the squat apartment buildings continue to seem to be fairly shabby, there's a kind of buoyancy evident in the population that is lacking in the downtrodden denizens of the Warzone. Laundry hangs on lines between some of the buildings and people gossip at top volume from the windows. Often some enterprising folks can be seen selling various odds and ends from tables or blankets spread upon the sidewalk.

Places of Note
  • The Jungle Gym
    • The Jungle Gym is a local 24-hour gym. It boasts a variety of exercise equipment, free weights, and a sparring area for the more martial pursuits. Various classes are available but are mostly focused around boxing, kick-boxing and the like. Although the gym is run-down, it is inexpensive and the members are loyal.
Notable Events

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