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The Jungle Gym - Albuquerque

  The floor layout of this local 24-hour gym is a bit cramped. This is not a big-box chain gym. A few rows of well-used exercise equipment and free weights take up about half of the available space. The equipment isn't the latest and greatest, but it gets the job done. Free weights can be used for any number of routines while the equipment tries to ensure correct positioning and muscle isolation. The next portion of the gym contains a variety of punching bags for boxing or other martial pursuits. Heavy bags, speed bags, medicine balls and the like get a vigorous workout from customers looking to get a little aggression out with their exercise. Finally there is a sparring mat set up that gets used by both boxers and the more popular mixed-martial artists of today. Ropes are available to be set up for a more authentic boxing-ring feel, but it isn't by any means official. In the back are changing rooms, bathrooms, showers, and lockers.
  Overall, the gym has a local-business feel, scraping by in the rough economy by word of mouth and loyal members. Rates are relatively inexpensive, likely due to the low rent of the neighborhood, but it's also missing all the bells and whistles of a large chain. There is one TV mounted in the corner with a common remote for the bored athlete. Otherwise, the place is usually free from distraction.
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Exercise equipment:
The exercise area has a wide variety of exercise equipment and free weights. Although all functional, most of the equipment is no-frills and old. The weights are simple, but effective. Other members are generally friendly and willing to help spot or give instructions on how to use the equipment.

Sparring area:
The sparring area has a large mat for people practice rolling around on and to limit the chances of getting hurt. A variety of sports take place here, from boxing, to kick-boxing, to mixed martial arts, and more. There are heavy bags, speed bags, and other pads that are regularly on the receiving end of a beating. Various classes are offered through the week.