Y3 -- Lomas Blvd: 1100 East

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This section of the "Warzone" has been hit hard by urban blight. The pavement is broken and jagged like the many bottles which litter the clogged gutters alongside waste and refuse. Human refuse in the shape of hopped-up drug-abusers and winos can be found all along the sidewalks and the boarded up storefronts. The questionable glitter of Central Avenue's neon is lacking here at the intersection with Wyoming Blvd., which seems dark and foreboding. Traffic on I-40 thunders by just north of here. The air hangs heavily about this area, the mood stifled and uneasy.

Buildings long condemned house the needy and disadvantaged. Low-riders filled to the brim with underprivileged Hispanic youth bounce by occasionally, filling the neighborhood with the uneasy sound of Gangsta rap. It is not uncommon to hear babies wailing deep within the dark tangle of ramshackle buildings, cries punctuated by the sounds of gunshots and distant sirens.

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