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Mully's Adventures: Clarification
Mully - 08/18/2011
Someone recently questioned the intelligence of me writing a blog where I display my usual cunning use of logic and information. Where I give facts and tell the world what happened. It's a sad thing when people deny information that doesn't fit their worldview. When they don't want to think of complicated facts that disrupt the rosy glow that suffuses their world.


You can refuse to read if you want, but you can't change facts. I started this blog as a record of what I see, what I do, and what I know is the truth. For too long the mass media has been a slave to the whims of forces outside of itself. Sometimes, this is for the best, like withholding the name of a threatened witness, or to protect an innocent bystander. Far too often, it is because the media has become the lapdog of various groups and organization. Like, for example, the police.

I like the police. I love- or at least respect- anyone willing to put themselves in the line of fire to protect my rights and my person from unsavory characters. I have the highest respect for the police when they do their damned jobs and aren't hiding behind their uniforms. We all know about police corruption, police brutality, misuse of power, all that fun stuff. But too often the media is afraid to question the choices made by law officials because frankly, where do you think reporters get their news? The criminals? The boys in blue are a tight-knit community, and they don't take kindly to those who criticize their own. And the only silence louder than a cop's is a journalist's.

Me? My sources are various. My sources are legion. My sources are independently inquisitive beings on both sides of the legal line. They are murderers and victims, and blissfully unthinking automatons who see something strange and need to have the truth carefully fished out of them. That's my job. It's what I do. And yes, I love my job.

This is Mully, reminding you that you love me BECAUSE I ramble.

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