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Mully's Adventures
08/18/2011 Clarification

Someone recently questioned the intelligence of me writing a blog where I display my usual cunning use of logic and information. Where I give facts and tell the world what happened. It's a sad thing when people deny information that doesn't fit their worldview. When they don't want to think of complicated facts that disrupt the rosy glow that suffuses their world.


You can refuse to read if you want, but you can't change facts. I started this blog as a record of what I see, what I do, and what I know is the truth. For too long the mass media has been a slave to the whims of forces outside of itself. Sometimes, this is for the best, like withholding the name of a threatened witness, or to protect an innocent bystander. Far too ...

08/14/2011 Complications and Gunfire

Things are becoming clearer, readers.

Check the time stamp of my inquiry and check the news that came out. This is the nearest thing you'll get to an on-scene account unless you talk to one of the witnesses involved. So I am going to provide you with the facts of the case, because through questions, investigation, and methods I shouldn't admit to using, I've managed to piece together what went on at the house of Detective Fairburn.

One of Ms. Fairburn's acquaintances went to visit her, though the detective wasn't in residence. Her daughter and the young woman seemed to be having difficulty with the household electronics, which were the first sign of something wrong. The notes of the police on-scene say the girl claims to have received a ...

08/07/2011 New Update

A few hours ago there was a mysterious call made to the house of "Vivian", who I've mentioned in my previous post. She's been killed. After torture, it looks like. The police do not seem to have leads as to who called it in, but it is pretty obvious it is drug related. Maybe she knew where Richard's stash was. Hopefully the police know more on that than me... but when do the police do anything about drugs in the Zone?

I haven't been able to find the mistresses. I've got some names, but not much else.

Roman is so far unrelated. Still investigating links to Ms Fairburn as well.

No word on the haunted house as of yet. Haven't had time between schoolwork, my actual work, and this hobby of mine. Avoiding the cops is tough business.

This is ...

08/03/2011 First Case

I was given a name, from a source who will remain nameless. A man, a drug dealer, declared missing. His car was found by the cops, burned to a crisp. I found his girlfriend, let's call her Vivian, and let's call the man Richard. He was an asshole. After talking to the girlfriend and investigating, I've come to believe he headed out to see the woman he was having an affair with, when...something happened. I believe whatever it was led to his death. I don't have much on the woman yet, but I have a few leads. The police, if they got off their fat asses, could probably have found out the same information I have. Maybe they have found out more details. But I don't think they have.

Richard dealt in cocaine. A LOT of cocaine. There is so far no ...

08/01/2011 New Adventures

Being frustrated with the advance of my journalism classes and the journalism industry in general, I am taking my adventures to the digital age. I don't expect to gain an audience, but this is a good way to keep all my friends updated on what's going on in my life. Which, by the way, is a pit of strangeness.

Let me be frank. I do believe in life on other planets. I am ambivalent about there being a God, though I do believe there has to be some higher power we don't understand. I do not believe those higher powers give a fuck about us, and while I respect the rights of my readers to their own faiths, please also respect that I believe it's a bunch of bullshit. All these will color my interpretations and the facts I provide. Be prepared. ...

OOC Note: This blog is set up anonymously. There is no 'about the author' page or photos or anything like that. If you would like to trace who the infamous "Mully" is, you'll need to do it the old fashioned way: with good old detective work or by paging me for the appropriate rolls :)