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Mully's Adventures: New Adventures
Mully - 08/01/2011
Being frustrated with the advance of my journalism classes and the journalism industry in general, I am taking my adventures to the digital age. I don't expect to gain an audience, but this is a good way to keep all my friends updated on what's going on in my life. Which, by the way, is a pit of strangeness.

Let me be frank. I do believe in life on other planets. I am ambivalent about there being a God, though I do believe there has to be some higher power we don't understand. I do not believe those higher powers give a fuck about us, and while I respect the rights of my readers to their own faiths, please also respect that I believe it's a bunch of bullshit. All these will color my interpretations and the facts I provide. Be prepared.

Now that that disclaimer is over, I'll explain who I am. You can call me Mully. I would appreciate it if no one took the trouble to find me out, since some of my techniques are only quasi-legal. I'm on a search for the truth, and the truth for my sake. Curiosity is my defining feature and investigating is my game. I'm a traveler and a truth seeker, and I find puzzles and problems and I solve them, from investigating haunted houses to missing persons. Currently, I'm working on two missing persons and a haunted house, in fact. For now, let's leave it at that. I'll tell you more about my cases next blog.

This is Mully, signing off.

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