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Mully's Adventures: Complications and Gunfire
Mully - 08/14/2011
Things are becoming clearer, readers.

Check the time stamp of my inquiry and check the news that came out. This is the nearest thing you'll get to an on-scene account unless you talk to one of the witnesses involved. So I am going to provide you with the facts of the case, because through questions, investigation, and methods I shouldn't admit to using, I've managed to piece together what went on at the house of Detective Fairburn.

One of Ms. Fairburn's acquaintances went to visit her, though the detective wasn't in residence. Her daughter and the young woman seemed to be having difficulty with the household electronics, which were the first sign of something wrong. The notes of the police on-scene say the girl claims to have received a phone call in which the caller threatened the life of her mother. The detective's daughter called the police, who arrived and the four went outside, the police having restrained the young woman. She did not resist arrest nor were there charges pressed: the police reacted to the visitor's licensed open-carry weapon after reports of a potential intruder. It was due caution considering the situation, especially as there was a minor involved. The visitor later praised her arresting officers for their caution, after the situation I will relate occurred.

After the detainment of the visitor, one officer questioned her while the other looked around the house for signs of an intruder. It is at this point accounts become muddled: shots were heard, and one officer, Vivian Eldridge, went to the aid of her partner. More shots were heard, and an injured Eldridge stumbled out of the house. The two non-officers on scene worked to drag Eldridge away from the house, possibly saving her life by applying pressure to the wound and cauterizing it with the help of a pair of handcuffs and a lighter. Detective Fairburn was on the scene quickly, and police and ambulance were quick to follow. These are the true facts of the case, and likely agree to the information the press will reveal.

I was able to discover that the first officers on scene, Eldridge and Lopez, both remember seeing a horrific figure in the darkness before they shot. They cannot recall if it was a heavily scarred man, or a man in a mask, the events all transpiring too quickly. Currently both are alive, although in intensive care.

Readers of my blog (however few of you there are) will remember that Detective Fairburn was recently threatened by a man named Roman Stilo. I explained my difficulty believing this was a random incident in that post. Less than a month after the incident, there is an attack on her home-- a planned attack, meant to intimidate her. I repeat: these attacks are not coincidental. That is the only theory which makes sense of the situation. First, they get Roman Stilo to attack her in a public spot, singling her out. That was the first message: if he really meant to kill her, he would have done it the moment he pulled the gun out on her. The second message is that they toyed with the electric system in the detective's house, called with threatening messages, and attempted an attack on her daughter when Ms Fairburn was not present. Were it not for everyone being outside to arrest the innocent visitor, they may have succeeded in taking the child. This was no crime of opportunity: these are coordinated attacks on Ms Fairburn by enemies unknown.

And you all know how much I hate an unsolved mystery.

This is Mully, firm believer in the Bavarian Method, reminding you all to pay a little more attention to the shadows.

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