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Mully's Adventures: First Case
Mully - 08/03/2011
I was given a name, from a source who will remain nameless. A man, a drug dealer, declared missing. His car was found by the cops, burned to a crisp. I found his girlfriend, let's call her Vivian, and let's call the man Richard. He was an asshole. After talking to the girlfriend and investigating, I've come to believe he headed out to see the woman he was having an affair with, when...something happened. I believe whatever it was led to his death. I don't have much on the woman yet, but I have a few leads. The police, if they got off their fat asses, could probably have found out the same information I have. Maybe they have found out more details. But I don't think they have.

Richard dealt in cocaine. A LOT of cocaine. There is so far no proof that this has something to do with his death, but it is the angle most are following. Occam's Razor.

My second case involves a recent shooting. I was one of the first on scene, which is what led to my interest. As everyone knows, Detective Andrea Fairburn was held at gunpoint and killed her assailant. What hasn't been written in any depth is that the man, Roman, was someone arrested by Ms. Fairburn several years ago, before she was a detective. The man was arrested for drug possession and vowed to be revenged on Ms. Fairburn. So far, that sounds like motive and a preplanned event.

But was it? Could coincidence really account for Ms Fairburn running into an old enemy in a brand new state, in another place entirely? And if it wasn't coincidence, why is it that Ramon shot her in public view, instead of waiting till he was alone and risking further incarceration? Was it in the heat of the moment? But if that was the case, where did he get the gun? His employers would be aware of his criminal history and could guess any weapon he himself owned might not be entirely legal. Is the KiMo now a den of criminal activity? Seems a little far-fetched. Did Ramon expect trouble even at his legitimate job? Or was he waiting for the detective-- which again, doesn't seem entirely logical since he tried to shoot her in public, putting himself at risk. Something doesn't add up, and I'm following leads on this one.

My third goal is to investigate a haunted house I've heard about, somewhere in the city. I don't believe in traditional ghosts, the idea of a soul locked in place. I never have. But it'll be interesting to debunk this...but my drug boys come first. Things like that are time sensitive.

This is Mully, signing off from the criminal underground.

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