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Mully's Adventures: New Update
Mully - 08/07/2011
A few hours ago there was a mysterious call made to the house of "Vivian", who I've mentioned in my previous post. She's been killed. After torture, it looks like. The police do not seem to have leads as to who called it in, but it is pretty obvious it is drug related. Maybe she knew where Richard's stash was. Hopefully the police know more on that than me... but when do the police do anything about drugs in the Zone?

I haven't been able to find the mistresses. I've got some names, but not much else.

Roman is so far unrelated. Still investigating links to Ms Fairburn as well.

No word on the haunted house as of yet. Haven't had time between schoolwork, my actual work, and this hobby of mine. Avoiding the cops is tough business.

This is Mully, telling you all that Cocaine Is Bad.

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