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Name: Dane Brody

Nationality: New Mexico
Occupation: Pizza Assembly Engineer / EXTREME SPORTS!
Demeanor: Ready to shred! Or party.
Apparent Age: 24

Nickname: Brody. Bro-Bro. Brody Bro-bro.
Played-by: Tanner Hall


"Fresh powder on the mountain!"

"It's easy to lose focus. Don't."
Tony Hawk


"But, like, I'm the Slumdog Vermillionare."
Brody again

RP Hooks
  • Do you like pizza? Brody works at the Pizza Palace
  • Are you a stoner or slacker? So is Brody -- just like everyone else who works at the Pizza Palace
  • Are you into extreme sports or adrenaline rushes? SICK! So is Brody! Skiing, skating, biking, motocross, etc.
  • In fact, you might even known Brody (Fame 1) if you are into these things. Dude, did you see his run in NMX 2012?! It got him noticed and it got him some sponsorships.
  • Brody likes to party. It goes hand in hand with being a stoner or slacker or adrenaline junkie. Let's do this!
  • We can find a reason.
None yet!
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Slacker might be the first word that comes to mind upon seeing this young man. He's got long blond hair that hangs loosely about his face. His hair is so pale his eyebrows are difficult to see above his blue eyes. More often than not, his jaw is covered in some kind of facial hair in various stages of growth -- from "needing a shave" to an actual beard. His skin would likely be quite pale due to his fair features, but it's clear he spends a great deal of time in the sun. He's got a weather and tanned look about him. His frame is athletic and lean and he seems to be filled with energy. Always on the move. Always doing SOMETHING. Should it be seen, his left arm and torso have a myriad of tattoos.

Brody's Peeps
Nell-Nell! Favorite Coworker. I love how you kneed that dough, yo! Insert Witty remark. Insert another witty remark. Last bit of wittyness. Insert Witty remark. Insert another witty remark. Last bit of wittyness.
Brody and some things he likes