Cantina Lounge/Description

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La Cantina de la Casa Posada -- Lounge

 The Cantina's lounge definitely lives up to its name: it seems even more laid-back than the main room of the restaurant. Dim "mood lighting" makes for a somnolent atmosphere as people relax on various comfortable couches, chairs, and loveseats. Banners from a past "Cinco de Mayo" celebration still decorate the white stucco walls, along with a humorous display of sombrero hats.

 Quieter than the main room, the lounge is filled with the soft tones of people's conversation. Occasionally, a waiter will stop by to refresh someone's drink order. The ATM machine is here, along with the restrooms and a pay phone. An archway upon the wall leads back toward the common room, where music can be heard, though softly, through the thick walls.

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Obvious exits:
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