Casablanca Dining Room/Description

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The Casablanca Restaurant -- Dining Room -- Albuquerque

 Luxury is the theme throughout the beautifully decorated Casablanca dining room. Finely crafted tables and antique-looking chairs are arranged in small clusters around the room. Each table is covered by a fine linen tablecloth and topped by a floral arrangement in a crystal vase. Floating candles in little glass dishes add another touch of elegance to the ambiance.

 The tile floor is partially covered by a beautiful rug in a Southwestern design. There is a small stage along the north wall where a string quartet alternates with a pianist to create soft classical music for the enjoyment of the patrons. Potted plants adorn most the archways about the room, and ceiling fans slowly revolve overhead. A twin pair of sliding glass doors in the back lead out to a beautiful patio. Once you have been seated, a courteous waiter brings a 'menu' and will take down your order.

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Obvious exits:
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