Castle Superstore/Description

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Castle Superstore -- Central Avenue -- Albuquerque

  The Castle Superstore is arguably the largest and best adult store in town. Well lit by industrial fluorescent lights, the spacious room contains an impressive array of merchandise: all kinds of sexy lingerie, sensuous lubricants, luxurious massage oils, hilarious novelties, unique gifts, erotic toys, fantasy enhancements, adult games, colorful condoms, safer sex products, tantalizing videos & DVD's, unusual books, exciting magazines, and thousands of other unique, erotic merchandise items.
  Clustered around the store are several mannequin displays that feature the "hottest" items for sale. The more expensive items in the store are in special locked glass display cases, but most are in accessible boxes, and stacked on the various shelves. Leather bondage attire mostly dominates the back portion of the store, though more "mainstream" frilly lingerie can be seen on a long rack extending up the wall. Back-lit archways lead into different areas of the store, including preview booths and changing rooms.

Obvious exits:
Central Avenue <O>