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Originally agricultural in nature, much of this section of Montano has now been developed into single-family homes, with a few apartment buildings popping up. Businesses and stores show a thinner concentration, with the majority of the commercial structures to the east and the west across the river. Here, so close to the Rio Grande, it is nature, not architecture, which truly defines this area. The land provides scenic vistas of the Rio Grande Valley and other areas of natural significance.

To the southwest, a trail leads off the road to a section of the Rio Grande Nature Center known as "Picnic Hill," a popular weekend recreational destination. From Picnic Hill, the Rio Grande oxbow marsh, rich in wildlife, is just a short hike away. To the east, Montano Road is now the major commercial shopping area in the region. The Montano Bridge crosses the Rio Grande due west, whereupon Montano Road continues for many miles

Places of Note
  • Picnic Hill
    • A section of the Rio Grande Nature Center, Picnic Hill is a popular weekend recreational destination, offering nature hikes down to the river and access to the Rio Grande Oxbow Marsh. Picnic tables and barbecue pits help make this park a relaxing slice of greenery in the city.
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