E9 -- Montano Road: 800 NW

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To the west, the Rio Grande snakes its way through the cottonwood-lined valley, and dormant volcanoes are silhouetted against the seemingly endless sky. Here, just shy of the river, is where some of the city's smaller businesses choose to set up shop. Antique stores with fine hand-crafted furnishings and folk art, food stores selling Southwestern specialties, florists, and bookstores are just some of the shopping available in the area. The area is not particularly run down, nor is it overly ostentatious. The people here seem friendly enough as they pass by you, giving you a nod or a brief smile.

In the direction of the Rio Grande, the landscape grows more residential, with stucco and Pueblo-style adobe houses and small apartment buildings mixed in among the storefronts. To the east, Montano Road continues its commercial development, with more boutiques, galleries, and restaurants. Further east, skyscrapers are silhouetted against the skyline in the banking district.

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