Dedicated items

From Masq

The Rite of Talisman Dedication allows shifters to bind objects to themselves, so that they'll fit the various forms & can accompany the shifter into the Umbra. The cost is one Gnosis point per object dedicated (so if you have Gnosis 3, you can have 3 "dedicated" things, etc.). Here are the sphere's current house rules on this topic:

  • The Rite applies only to "mundane" objects, such as clothes, jewelry, knick-knacks, weapons, accessories, etc. Spiritual items such as fetishes and talens automatically remain with the shifter in all forms, can accompany them into the Umbra, and do not "count" against the shifter's Gnosis score.
  • Another shifter can perform the Rite of Talisman Dedication for someone who does not know the Rite. In such cases, the cost will be to the dedicatee, rather than the enactor of the Rite.
  • In terms of clothes, we are allowing each Gnosis point to cover a dedicated "outfit" rather than single article of clothing. A "standard" dedicated outfit would encompass undergarments, socks, shoes, pants/skirt/shirt/dress/sweater, and one "outerwear" item like a coat. It would also include a reasonable number of accessories and body jewelry.
  • If you want to be judgenoted with your dedicated items, feel free to put in a +job, but it's not a requirement. :) We trust you to keep track of your stuff. The only exception is this: you can dedicate a big item (like a backpack) then carry smaller items within it - we *would* like to judgenote the contents of such a "Bag of Holding."