Desert Flower

From Masq


 There is a deep peace that pervades this area. A quiet that only those comfortable in natural surroundings can hope to understand. Hollow echoes fill the pinion-pine-filtered air and a juniper creaks somewhere nearby. That sound is followed by hushed movement in the sumac which surrounds the Desert Flower, a contemporary motel of wood, stone, and glass that lies close to the ground.

 The motel is a complex built in three parts: A private living quarters, a great hall, and a set of cabins. They are all attached by breezeways and are arranged in a u-shape around a central rock formation that trickles water into a shallow pond at its base. Beyond the buildings one can make out a part of the Sandia mountain range. There is parking to the left of the structure and a path leads through the buildings toward the gardens beyond them.

General Information

This beautiful motel offers a luxurious retreat close to the beautiful Sandia Mountains. Perched on the side of a hill with forests all around, it is the perfect place for those who want to get in tune with nature with all the comforts of home. The most notable of its sights is the large garden to the rear which is open to the public and visitors alike. Other attractions include its architecture, hiking paths, and the obvious allure of nature.

The People Who Live Here
Yes. The red head is a Psychologist.
Dr. Wren Morgan
The Owner: She needs a place to get away from the city, like so many people do. This is her sanctuary and she's willing to share it with others.
Detective Sanders
Cabin 4: The room only with the direct view of the garden, Sarah claimed it before it was even finished.
Cabin 3: This woman knows more about gardening than Wren knows about people's emotions. Or says she does.