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Name: Sarah

Nationality: American
Occupation: APD Detective- Major Crimes
Demeanor: Thrill Seeker
Apparent Age: Late 20's/early 30's

Nickname: none

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?
RP Hooks
  • Sarah is a Detective, so if you would like to play the cat and mouse game as a criminal type we can work something out.
  • She's all over the grid, if you see me out I'm always up for RP. Random, planned, or preprocessed.
A Glimpse Within
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Physical Description

A hard life has left it's mark on the relatively young woman. Her dirty blonde hair is held back out of her small face in a short ponytail and her hazzle eyes are sharp and focused. No make-up accents her features, though they are sun kissed and smooth, except at the very outward corners of her eyes, and the light shadows forming around them. Her mouth is smaller and doesn't look well suited for smiling. Her neck is a bit long, but not so much so to be ackward given her smaller frame.

Her long neck flows into an open buttoned white flare collar blouse. Worn over this is a low V cut black sleeveless vest with three rust colored buttons down the front. The long arms of the blouse continue down to just above the thinnest part of her wrist and are buttoned tight. The blouse tucks into the slate gray stiff legged slacks. Around the waist an off brown suade belt contains two objects of note; One, a silver APD badge clipped to the left of the rust colored buckle, and a black clip pistol holster on the right hip a few inches towards the small of her back. On her feet are a pair of comfortable flats, over which, the slacks tumble onto the top of her foot. No jewlery adorns her hands or wrist, but the hints of a gold chain can be made out around her neck, disappearing into the open buttons of her blouse. .

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Allies and Contacts
Insert Witty remark. Friendship A dish best served honestly. Insert Witty remark. Journalism Only funny until someone gets hurt. Insert Witty remark. Companionship Not always as easy as it seems.
Insert Witty remark. Partner I've got your back, you've got mine.