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Old Town proper is a maze of cobbled courtyards and walkways which lead to innumerable hidden patios, gardens and galleries. Adobe buildings, many of which have been refurbished in Pueblo Revival style in the 1950s, focus around the tree-shaded Old Town Plaza, created originally in 1780. Pueblo and Navajo artisans often display their pottery, blankets and silver jewelry along the sidewalks lining the plaza. The buildings of Old Town once served as mercantile shops, grocery stores and government offices.

The first and probably most famous of the structures still standing today is the Church of San Felipe de Neri, facing the plaza on its north side. This house of worship has been in continuous use for more than 300 years and has been reconstructed and subsequently expanded several times. One can also find in the maze of private walks and cobbled paths the Jesu Romero Store built with its Territorial and Queen Anne structural features, and a banker's two story adobe dwelling with combination Italianate and Queen Anne architecture.

Places of Note
  • Ely's Art Gallery
    • 200 year old Art Gallery, still in business.
  • Enchantment Bed and Breakfast
    • A peaceful oasis nestled in the heart of Albuquerque's Old Town Historic District, Enchantment is an award-winning B&B housed in a lovingly restored Victorian. All of today's modern amenities can be found in this (Res 3) jewel polished to perfection in its historic setting.
  • San Felipe De Neri Church
    • Beautiful San Felipe de Neri church, founded in 1706, has been a site of continuous worship in Albuquerque for over 300 years. The historic building, built in 1793, presently has 800 registered families and is on both the National and State register of Historical Properties. The church is open to the public daily.
  • Spanish Courtyard Cobbled Alley
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