F3 -- Central Avenue: 800 West -- Intersection with Lomas

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As Central Avenue heads to the northwest, intersecting with Lomas Blvd., it defines the edge of Old Town, where the city was founded in 1706 on a slight prominence on the flood plain of the Rio Grande. A charming and serene historic village within a modern city, Old Town Albuquerque is a place where centuries of history and modern life merge to blend 18th century architecture with narrow brick paths, world famous artwork, the finest in jewelry, delicious food and rare specialty shops.

Here on the fringe, restaurants, bars, and tourist boutiques line the street, beckoning people to come spend their hard-earned cash. Native American artisans hawk their wares out of small shops and flimsy-looking booths. Tourists and locals meander toward Old Town to the west or head on Lomas due east. The Route 66 Hostel provides budget accommodations for travelers and students in a charming Spanish colonial-style building with arches, balconies and stucco.

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