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The nexus between Downtown and Old Town is another railroad-era, middle-class neighborhood, the Downtown Neighborhoods area. While there are still examples of modern architecture, two- and three- story, solid houses of brick and stone are more prevalent. This area is known as the Fourth Ward; it began to decline in popularity as newer and more up-to-date homes were built on the mesa.

However, with the revitalization of Central Avenue, the sidewalks have been widened to accommodate pedestrian-scale street lighting, trees, benches and other street furniture, and fewer signs. With increased pedestrian activity and increased property values, the Downtown Neighborhoods area has again become a desirable place to live. The Desert Skyline Suites complex is testament to that fact; its lush gardens and comfortable apartments are quite attractive to the modern urban professional.

From here, Central Avenue heads northwest toward an intersection with Lomas Blvd. and the historic Old Town district.

Places of Note
  • Desert Skyline Suites
    • Nestled in the very heart of Downtown, near to historic Old Town, Desert Skyline Suites is a beautiful neo-Modern apartment complex offering up unique luxury suites (Res 3-4) with a fantastic view of the Albuquerque skyline. Covered gated parking, a swimming pool, and an exclusive gym/sauna are just some of the reasons that young modern professionals have made Desert Skyline Suites their lifestyle choice.
  • Desert Skyline Parking
    • Parking for the apartment building.
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