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Bustling with activity, this section of Downtown is filled with a large number of buildings, most of them incorporating materials and design concepts that are quite sophisticated. However, many of the area's older, historic buildings have been restored. Downtown seems to be emerging from a period of decline, sporting crowds of businesspeople, tourists, and students. There's a feeling of vitality and variety in the area, a spirit of growth and diversity. Just a few blocks away, the Fourth Street pedestrian mall draws business to the area.

To the north is the one story Post-Modern building which houses the Albuquerque Tribune; mosaics inlaid into the pavement in front of it enliven the streetscape

Places of Note
  • Albuquerque Tribune
    • The Albuquerque Tribune is the primary "mainstream" newspaper in town, covering local and national news. The Tribune is always hiring reporters, editors, and other support personnel.
Notable Events

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