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This area is the pulse-point of what used to be the center of Downtown: the intersection of Route 66 and the Pan American Highway. Massive yet stylish masonry buildings went up in the core business district and in the area nearby; these square-cornered structures seemed to maintain their dignity and strength even in years when their tenants were deserting them and their glass windows were being knocked out.

Dense with traffic and people on their way to work, pleasure, or both, Downtown has been revitalized to recapture much of its lost glory. The streets are lined with modern buildings constructed from the finest space age materials, as well as more traditional architectural 'throwbacks' of adobe and brick. The renovation of the historic KiMo Theatre was the beginning of a complete reversal in the use of the Downtown at night; there are numerous bars, discos and nightclubs catering to all tastes and ages including university students. Central Avenue is often as busy in the late evening as it is during the daytime when it serves the office population.

Places of Note
  • KiMo Theatre
    • During the Art Deco period, the Kimo Theatre was a glorious Picture Palace built in the Pueblo Deco architectural style. Beautifully restored in 2000, the KiMo is the city's crown jewel of indoor venues for the performing arts, putting on an eclectic program of concerts, opera, dance, theatre, and live bands.
  • KiMo Cafe
    • The cafe is housed inside historic KiMo Theatre, a true Albuquerque landmark. The actual name of the cafe is the Kiva-Hi. Once a luncheonette and curio shop, the cafe provides theatre goers and regular visitors with a casual yet tasty menu in an eclectic setting. The Cafe screens classic Hollywood films nightly.
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