From Masq
Name: Ezekiel Black-Rock Kaplan

Nationality: American
Occupation: Owner of Raven
Wing Radio
Demeanor: Loner
Apparent Age: 22

Nickname: Spin Drift


"Only reason to carry a .45, is because they don't make a .46"
Clint Smith

"There's always Free cheese in a mouse trap."

RP Hooks
  • Like Radios? Ezekiel adores radios, designs radios, sells radios and has his ham extra license and everything. He's a proper amateur radio nerd!
  • Like Motorcycles? Guess who rides a KTM!
  • Are you Pro A.I.M, Anti-A.I.M or clueless? Ezekiel has opinions!
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

The motorcycle gear is typically what sticks with people, if only because there's so much of it really. A dark brown full length riding jacket crafted with a mixture of heavy nylon and stiff mesh, which looks to be colored with as much dust as it is anything else. A tall collar rimmed with a bright shock of red around his neck, and obvious reinforcement panels along his spine and elbows which has obviously seen it's fair share of use. Similarly heavy riding pants cut tucked into tall motocross boots, trimmed with brown leather and blackened steel polished white with use. Short riding gloves, enduro helmet and there's even a heavy duty hydration backpack with some sort of stubby rubber antenna poking free. In terms of actual decoration there isn't a whole lot, beyond the outline of a raven stenciled across the back of his helmet and an A.I.M. patch on his shoulder.

Beneath all that gear, Ezekiel is hardly the intimidating biker stereotype really. Not quite six foot, and built more like a mountain climber than a beer bellied brawler. He's sculpted on a different scale, lean and lithe and decidedly Native American. His raven black hair's been cut back into a low mohawk, trimmed just long enough that it'll still stand up on it's own. The rest of his scalp is shaved clean, as is his face incidentally. He's handsome in a rough outdoorsy type sort of way, and if we're honest the adventure biker getup hardly hurts things.

The details make the man though, and 'zeke is no exception to the rule. There's a beat to hell Seiko five on his right wrist, and well a plethora of jewelry. Four silver rings on either hand, and an engraved silver bracelet on his left wrist. To polish things off we have a pair of big black feathers tied off to his backpack, left to flutter in the breeze.

Allies and Contacts
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