F6 -- Menaul Blvd: 800 West

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The decaying urban sprawl of the neighborhood due east defines this block of Menaul, the cheap land pockmarked by various urban structures. For the most part, barring a few lonely apartment buildings, the commercial development throughout this area seems to be primarily comprised of warehouses, both abandoned and functional. A few of the warehouses seem to have been converted into storage facilities, while others are unobtrusive "shadow" businesses. Clouds of dust and litter blow along the cracked sidewalks, giving the block the atmosphere of an Old West "ghost town."

To the west, as Menaul nears the Rio Grande, the land grows more rugged. Businesses and warehouses thin out, replaced mostly by vacant lots filled with tumbleweed and juniper bushes. The presence of the river can be felt as cottonwood trees begin to dot the natural landscape, lining various irrigation ditches and drains. Newer buildings can be seen to the west, mostly connected to the Albuquerque Biological Park.

Places of Note
  • U-Store-It
    • This is a storage facility in the warehouse district on Menaul Blvd.
Notable Events

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