H6 -- Menaul Blvd: 500-700 West

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Caught in the shadow of a number of hulking warehouses, this block of Menaul Blvd. seems to suffer from the decay and neglect common to this neighborhood. A veritable "brown cloud" of dust settles over most of the area, the smell of car exhaust fumes mixing in with the faint odor of cooking food. A number of sign poles tout various small businesses, mostly pawn shops, fast food outlets, and the occasional video rental place. Most of the commercial development in the area seems centered around the looming warehouses, which offer up nondescript company names probably unrelated to their actual function.

The few residential complexes and compact houses in the area seem equally drab and dull, enlivened only by elaborate, colorful graffiti. Most surfaces, including mailboxes, storefronts, and even parked cars are covered by these markings. The tagging seems to be gang-related in nature, with names such as "Tonta", "DBH" and "Coyote" pervasive in this mostly Hispanic neighborhood. "DBH" is spraypainted generously across the repair shop in several locations. In general, an atmosphere of quiet defeat has settled over the area like a ragged blanket, the few visible locals mostly staying below the radar.

Places of Note
  • Serenity Self-Defense Academy
    • The Serenity Self-Defense Academy is a small, privately-owned business where people can go to train in a unique style of martial arts designed to maximise the survivability of the user. Memberships are available that allow 24hr access to the facility.
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