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Menaul Blvd. continues on its west/east trajectory, sprawling out in a concrete jungle of "decorated sheds," utilitarian commercial buildings which are as dusty as they are nondescript. A small building with a crackling neon sign which reads "Agencia de Viajes" has faded posters of various tropical locations in its storefront windows, and promises the cheapest fares to places like Guadalajara and Mexico City, a testament to the mostly Hispanic population. The idea of travel is somewhat ironic, as few people ever get enough money together to leave this place.

The area's historic past as major sawmill location is evidenced by a few remaining lumber outlets. Low, squat warehouses line both sides of the street, the sidewalks in front of them cracked and completely overgrown with weeds. Most of these warehouses seem to have been abandoned, though some are used for new businesses, mostly shipping and receiving companies. A few of the warehouses have been cleaned up and marketed as live-in lofts for the artsy crowd, but their mostly vacant windows suggest the trend has not caught on.

Places of Note
  • Rosie's Gun Rack
    • Rosie's Gun Rack is truly a one stop specialty firearms super store. Housed in a free standing converted warehouse on Menaul Blvd, it offers the firearm / shooting enthusiast everything they could ever dream of. Whether it be a pistol for self defense, learning to shoot that pistol, or a top end hunting rifle it is all available at Rosie's Gun Rack. With its underground shooting range and hundreds of firearms in inventory the sporting public will never become bored at this store.
  • Sgt. Splatter's Paintball
    • Sergeant Splatter's Paintball Emporium offers 24 hour paintball gaming for extreme sports enthusiasts. Guns and balls must be rented on site, and no alcohol is allowed on premises!
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