K6 -- Menaul Blvd: 300 West -- Intersection with Second St

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The presence of University Hospital to the south is hardly felt here, at the intersection of Menaul Blvd. with Second Street, where most of the buildings appear to need a new coat of paint and most passersby look like they could use a touch of happiness. The pavement along the sidewalk is a spiderweb of cracks, weeds fighting their way out to add a touch of color to the otherwise dull landscape. Ramshackle stucco apartment buildings and adobe-style houses seem to be in a race to see which will topple over first.

The rusted-out cars parked along the street mainly cluster near a body shop called "Cuco's Auto," which seems to be as dormant as the rest of the block. An old iron gate runs the perimeter of what seems to be an abandoned children's playground, its gate swinging noisily given a stiff enough breeze. Behind the fence, a concrete basketball court sports a rusted over hoop and faint tracings which might once have been hopscotch squares.

Second Street traverses this intersection in a north/south direction, leading to other residence areas and shops.

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