M6 -- Menaul Blvd: 100-200 West

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An empty, timeworn quality is apparent through this section of Menaul Blvd., which seems to have been almost entirely given over to wind, weather, and nature. Dust settles over the area, the occasional rolling tumbleweed sending brown flurries into the air. Weeds sprout through the cracked sidewalk and many of the cars parked along the street and in people's front yards are raised up on cinderbocks. Wooden planks in an otherwise vacant lot indicate that some buildings have simply collapsed in on themselves.

Though the area seems less than lively, there are a few businesses tucked in here and there among the rickety frame and crumbling adobe houses. A hardware store has a shabby wooden "cigar Indian" standing on its creaky front porch. An auto-body repair shop is across the street, a rusty chain link fence surrounding it. There is a used bookstore nearby, and a small neighborhood church, which seems to have been built sometime in the 1950s. In general, the area feels fairly safe, but is probably not one you would want to wander alone after dark

Places of Note
  • Church
    • First Congregational Church is a small neighborhood church over on Menaul Blvd. Built in the 1950s, the church welcomes all denominations for weekly services, prayer meetings, and Bible study.
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