K7 -- Second St: 800 North

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This working-class neighborhood is a mixture of Anglo and Hispanic building styles. Small, thick-walled adobe houses nestle up to frame tract homes that seem on the verge of collapsing. The dirty sidewalk is cracked in numerous places, weeds poking out. Layers of dust seem to cake over every structure and tumbleweeds occasionally roll past. Though the area is lively enough with foot and vehicular traffic during the day, it practically shuts down at night. Many of the streetlights have burned out and never been replaced.

The types of businesses seen here are varied, but most cater to the lower end of the economic spectrum. Fast food joints, hair and nail salons, "dollar stores," and repair shops all vie for space along this stretch of Second Street. Three small "mom & pop" grocery stores still stand in the area, seemingly unchanged since the 1940s, although only one is now operating. Some of the other businesses sport bilingual signs, offering up all sorts of comestibles at the "Carniceria" or "Gran Variedad de Musica en Espanol!" at the corner store

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