K5 -- Second St: 500-600 North

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The presence of the University Hospital complex to the south is evident here, with a multitude of laboratories, pharmacies, and smaller medical office complexes dotting the area. The neighborhood is rather busy, filled with shops, restaurants, and bars aimed to attract hospital personnel, students, and various business types. Police patrols frequently drive by, making this area's safety a priority.

The setting here is an urban mixture of businesses and residences, with small homes and duplexes giving way to larger apartment buildings. Students from the UNM medical school tend to congregate in this area, making for a slightly less boisterous college crowd. The trees lining the sidewalk here are thick, creating shade during the day and casting eerie shadows at night. To the north, along Menaul Blvd., the neighborhood turns slightly less savory.

Places of Note
  • Custom Care Recovery Center
    • Administrated by University Hospital, the Custom Care Recovery Center is a convalescent facility which provides the very best in patient care to those who can afford it.
  • Atrium Apartments
    • A few blocks north of University Hospital on Second Street, Atrium Apartments, a beautiful new-modern Southwestern building, offers charming and spacious (Res 3) flats with a number of amenities, including secure, well-lit parking, and a common lounge area. Atrium Apartments is favored by well-established professional types.
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