K4 -- Second St: 300-400 North

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The gargantuan University Hospital complex dominates the west side of these blocks, casting shadowy bars of darkness over the cars zooming along the pinon-lined street. The blare of sirens is frequently in the air, as ambulances zoom into the Emergency Room loading dock of the hospital, which boasts a state of the art acute-care facility. There is ample parking, both on the street and in faceless parking structures.

Slightly to the north, the City of Albuquerque Convention Center sprawls out on 401 Second Street. It features 166,546 total square feet of exhibit space and a 2,300-seat auditorium, in addition to 30 meeting rooms, making it a versatile facility capable of handling more than 9,000 attendees comfortably. All of the restaurants and shops in the area are clearly designed to cater to young urban professional types.

Places of Note
  • University Hospital ER
    • The Emergency and Trauma center of the University of New Mexico Hospital is one of the busiest in the state.
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