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Name: Dr. Gretchen Ford

Nationality: Irish American
Occupation: Medical Examiner APD
Demeanor: Conformist
Apparent Age: Early to Mid Thirties

Nickname: None

  • If I see you on my table, I'm going to be really pissed.
RP Hooks
  • Gretchen is a medical examiner with the Albuquerque Police Department. She can almost always be found somewhere around her work site.
  • She takes Tae Bo and can sometimes be seen working out at a local park. It probably won't help in a fight, but it keeps her toned.
  • While she doesn't like to spend a lot of money, she likes to blow off some steam at any of the cities more economical restaurants.
  • She is a die-hard caffeine addict. Where there is cheap coffee, there is Gretchen.
A Glimpse Within
Gretchen comic.jpg
Physical Description

This woman is five feet and six inches tall. Her red hair hangs in loose curls to just past her shoulders. Her skin is rather white, though not unhealthily so, with little tints of freckle-ridden pink around her cheeks and small nose. She has golden brown eyes which are only slightly hidden behind a pair of black-framed transitions lenses. Her lips are rather slender and the gloss coating them appears to be the only obvious make-up she wears. She appears to be in her early to mid thirties.

At the moment, she is wearing a black silk, button-up shirt. The shirt is sleeveless, showing off her pale but fit arms. The v-neck stops short of showing too much of her moderate chest. The blouse fits loosely down past her hips, with some ornamental smocking around her slender waist. She also wears a pair of dark blue, button-fly jeans. Finishing this ensemble is a dark pair of K-Swiss shoes and a black watch with a picture of Pluto the Dog at its center.


People She's Met
Wren Dr. Wren Morgan. It's always good to get along with your coworkers. Andrea Det. Andrea Fairburn Tough. But I've heard she's a good cop. Liane Liane Wiggins Very curious about this girl.
Roshanara Roshanara I don't know her, but she seems kind. Harry Harvard Marston The guy next door. Gareth Gambit I know I should make friends my own age, but I keep running into this kid.