Herbal Apothecary/Description

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Laura's Herbal Apothecary and Supply -- Main Room -- Albuquerque

 You enter a comfortable little shop that smells of leather and tea. Along the right wall, a row of shelves holds many small glass containers filled with loose dried leaves. A hand-written label details the contents of each jar and price: they contain various herbs and teas. The back wall holds a small wooden shelf filled with books. The collection mostly contains books on herbal remedies, tea, gardening, crystals and their healing powers, and various crafts. Stuffed in the lower right corner is a small section of new age books on spells and fortune telling.
 Next to the book shelf, is another shelf unit with various types of quartz, copper bracelets, charms, runes and assorted jewelry. The rest of the back wall is taken up with the glass and wood display case that doubles as the counter (holding the cash register), and a black door marked "Private."
 The left wall holds an alcove that has a wooden table with a few chairs around it. A sign propped on the center informs that readings are available by appointment only. To either side of the archway are more shelves, containing various items of local interest: pottery, small pieces of artwork, woven hangings and rugs.
 The center of the room has been given over to larger shelves that are filled with various hand-made leather goods, from clothing to accessories. There is also a sign here that says custom fittings and commissioned work require an appointment. Inside the display case there are various herbal remedies, neatly labeled with little signs describing what ailment they cure. There's also a line of custom soap, lotions, and lip balm bearing the shop's name.

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