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Name: Hir

(Picture to be added)

Pronounced like hear



Nationality: Very mixed. Light-brown skin but he's probably white-passing
Occupation: "Why would you rob me? I work at a doughnut shop. You know that right?"
Demeanor: First impression: nervous but handsome, with weird clothes. Unstable perfectionist, who cant bond well with people.
Apparent Age: Early 20s

Nickname: I dare you to find out what people called him in high-school.


"It's the perfect animal, but I think if it came near me I'd kill myself."

"If one more person asks me to draw their goddamned fursona..."

RP Hooks
  • Hir is newly moved to Albuquerque and works part-time in a nice little doughnut and coffee shop.
  • Hir's been in all sorts of arts, music, craft, writing, and drama clubs while growing up. Maybe you knew him as a kid?
  • Hir takes all different sorts of artistic commissions. Maybe you're looking for him to make something?
  • (I'm pretty open right now, throw plots at me, go ahead)
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Hir is a slender young man, very tall and wiry with tan skin. He has wavy red-brown hair that has gotten long and messy, and teal-grey eyes that are wide and expressive. His hands are always cold, and his face is always lost in thought and troubled, but his smile, though it is growing rarer, is always warm.

Hir's style in clothing strikes a good balance between classy and casual, leaning just a bit into eccentrically colorful. Whether his taste is fashionably creative or just weird is debatable. Hir has a special liking for purple.

Hir keeps a pretty bracelet of painted wooden beads on his wrist at all times; he never takes it off, and he scratches and twists it as a nervous habit.

Hir gestures a lot as he speaks, sometimes dramatically, and he tends to have a stutter. When he can collect himself enough to speak smoothly though, he has the voice of an angel and would be well suited to singing or theater. Hir is a skillful linguist and can pronounce just about any normal human language with practice, though he only knows spanish and french at the moment.

He walks with grace and purpose as long as he knows where he’s going, and despite his consistent nerves he has good posture and doesn’t slouch too often. His presence in a room isn't hard to miss even when he's not pushing into the spotlight. Hir is a pretty guy who clearly likes attention.

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Allies and Contacts
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