From Masq

We are allowing peeking from the Realm into the Umbra, but the difficulty of doing so is +3 of the local Gauntlet. For Rite of Talisman Dedication, we are allowing each Gnosis point to cover a dedicated "outfit" rather than single article of clothing.

All shifter sphere players are subject to the standard requirements as described in NEWS IDLE. In addition, there may be certain "IC" requirements for Garou characters such as attendance at Moots and other sphere functions.

All shifter sphere players are encouraged to clear any prolonged absences with staff prior to going on +vacation. In the case of Garou and Garou Kinfolk, players are also strongly encouraged to provide staff with an IC explanation for their absence that can be passed on to the Sept. The Sept is a close-knit community and IC absences are noted by the PCs who remain. If a player needs help coming up with IC reasons for a lengthy absence, staff will be glad to assist. Garou/Kinfolk who fail to provide an IC explanation for their absence and simply "vanish" may be written out of the story at staff's discretion, regardless of +vacation status.