From Masq
Name: Jason David Flay

Nationality: Irish-American
Occupation: Public Nuisance
Book Monkey of the Damned
Bass Player
Demeanor: Deviant
Apparent Age: Late 20s to Early 30s

Nickname: "Hey asshole!"
RP Hooks
  • Has an online paranormal investigations forum, feel free to email (+mail)
  • Speaking of ghostly things, he's known to make house calls sometimes to supposedly take care of a problem or relay messages.
  • He's an Albuquerque local!
  • Huge fan of bars and strip clubs.
  • His drinking problem has nothing to do with his Irish heritage, I assure you!
  • We might share the same court appointed therapist.
  • Severely accident prone! He's either clumsy or the gods just love pulling the wings off of flies... He spent a while half crippled and walking with a cane.
  • Problem with authority: He may not get arrested as much as he used to, but he still has a way of pissing off cops and getting into trouble.
  • Rock musician: Bass player, singer, and lyricist. Used to play in a local band but he and his sister have been Discovered. They are currently under contract with Imperator Records.
  • Church ties: He shows up to San Felipe de Neri Church and helps out the padre at times, usually by providing music at church functions. It's boring and he hates it so much.
  • He's kind of an asshole, cusses a lot, and can be pretty vulgar. Just sayin'.
  • Previously lived in a complete shit hole, now lives in a slightly nicer shit hole. We might be neighbors! (River View Apartments)
A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Jason is around 5'10", somewhere in his late 20's or early 30's, and about average in terms of physique; he doesn't look like he actively works out but he also hasn't let himself go, slim but not particularly muscular and only a little athletic. He has short platinum blonde hair that is parted on one side and casually combed in a slightly messy way, though with subtle effort and product put into this apparently effortless style. He's a very pale lad with equally pale blue eyes, and while he's clean shaven and well groomed, he's also somewhat haggard from what seems to be lack of sleep and excessive drinking. Such are the perils of a rock and roll lifestyle, if his various affectations are to be believed.
He wears a lot of thick silvery rings on each of his fingers and has an excessive amount of bracelets covering his wrists as well as a chain covered in charms usually hidden by his shirt. Thorny black tattoo edges poke out from under his bracelets at his wrists and at the collar of his shirt, suggesting extensive ink work beneath his clothing. He has several piercings as well, including two rings in in one eyebrow, and two off center on his lower lip. While typically broody and grumpy looking in his natural resting state, Jason is capable of a charming and boyish smile that takes years off of his appearance, and has a pretty nice voice as well.
Small notes on unimportant things: He wears a pair of wire rimmed glasses for reading, the bulk of calluses are on his left hand rather than his right, and he regularly smells of whiskey and chewing gum. There is no clothing described because I'm fuckin lazy and just pose it in scenes anyway.