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Name: Patricia Mary Flay

Nationality: Irish American
Occupation: Musician
Demeanor: Director
Apparent Age: Late 20's/Early 30's

Nickname: Patty

RP Hooks
  • Musician and singer - Guitar and Piano. Plays gigs regularly around Albuquerque so can often be found in clubs
  • Little brother is Jason Flay.
  • Secret passion for photography.
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Patricia is slender and pale, exhibiting the classic Irish complexion passed down from her parents and grandparents. Her hair is a white blonde. It’s hard to say if it’s naturally that color or not, though her eyebrows seem to be more red. Her hair is also long and probably curly when she hasn’t straightened it. It reaches the small of her back when it’s loose. Eyes flash like emerald green stormy waters when her temper flares. She keeps them lined in dark eyeliner, sometimes pure black, sometimes grey and other colors blended, just depending on her mood. Her face is slender with a slightly pointed chin and a high forehead and her lips are moderately plump and pink, sometimes accented with lipstick.

She stands around five and a half feet tall when she's barefoot, but that doesn't happen often. Usually she has on a pair of black high heeled boots that give her another three or four inches, at the least. The boots reach over her knees, which leaves only a little bit of bare thigh between the tops of them and the bottom of her short skirt. The skirt itself is white, a soft material that is overlaid with lace that reaches about mid-thigh. She is wearing a black sleeveless corset-styled top. It comes up in a sweetheart neckline trimmed in black lace and looks to be made of silk or satin that is snuggly fit to her body, showing off delicate curves. Only in the winter does she wear a jacket, but it's usually black leather. She can often be seen wearing a black velvet choker with a platinum and diamond design in the center at the front of her throat. Her ears are also pierced multiple times, and on the left side, the highest piercing is attached to an earcuff clipped higher up on her ear by a delicate chain. The rest of the earrings are diamond studs. All in all, she has a bit of a goth look to her, or rocker chick.

Allies and Contacts
Jason1.jpg Little Brother!!! VegardSide.jpg Huge Vision. Looking forward to being involved! VegardArya.jpg She's beautiful and so kind.
Jolene1.jpg Thank you for the kindness! Kenneth.jpg Interesting! I would like to get to know him better.