From Masq
Name: Jolene Addison

Occupation: Medical Examiner and Dancer
Demeanor: Pedagogue
Apparent Age: Early Twenties

Nickname: Jole

Marital Status: Single

"Love will heal what language fails to know.”
---Eavan Boland---

RP Hooks
  • PHD in Chemistry: Medical Examiner, Pathologist, and more.
  • Dancer: Her love of dance is an outlet for her. She can do just about any dance, but has a preference for Ballet.
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description
Jolene is of a slightly above average height at 5'9 with thick, jet-black ahir that she normally wears pulled back into a simple wavy ponytail. She weighs a touch over 100 pounds. She has soft green eyes, intense and observant. Her skin is flawless, well cared for, with only minimal makeup. She has striking features, hiding her intelligence behind her glasses. She wears a soft pink lip gloss on her lips just to give them a touch of shine. She has a small tatoo on one of her ankles of a celtic sun and on the other is a blossoming rose. She wears a silver charm bracelet also tasteful in design, but one that she is never seen without.
Allies and Contacts
Vegard. My dearest friend who I can trust. Thank you for being here for me. Onyx. She is always so warm to me I appreciate you more than words can say. Brice. Surprisingly talented and kind hearted I would like to get to know him better as a friend.
Arya. Trusted Friend and Mentor Always happy to stretch me beyond my limits of what I thought I could do. And encourages me to try new things. Cyrus. We have barely been introduced yet Kind of abrasive Anthony. Gorgeous is an understatement, Incredibly easy to talk to Sweet and has a rugged charm about him'
Kenneth. Tall Dark Mysterious A fierce protector who I trust deeply. Francis. A child who just needs a break. Hiding behind walls and just needs a friend she can trust to guide her. Natalie. A wonderful assistant to Damian She allows me the use of her dance studio to practice in
Damien. Potential Dance Partner If he has time and doesn't find a dance partner before I make enough time in my schedule, and he doesn't give up on me. Court. A child who just needs a break. Hiding behind walls and just needs a friend she can trust to guide her. Madeline. A wonderful friend A beautiful friend who gives dance the life and soul that makes men weep.