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Name: Madeline

Nationality: American
Occupation: Investment banker
Demeanor: Confident
Apparent Age: Late 20s to early 30s

Nickname: Mad

You come from parents' wanton
a childhood rough and rotten.
I come from wealth and beauty
untouched by work or duty.
The Decemberists
RP Hooks
  • If you can RP at all, come and talk to my PC.
  • Do you have a scheme to get rich? Come on down.
  • Is your PC highly intelligent and/or has connections? Please introduce yourself.
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A Glimpse Within
Stylish and sleek, Madeline is a formidable business person often seen at the most prestigious parties and events. She must be from some sort of old money. She walks as if she's never had a day of hard labour in her life.
Physical Description

A tall woman, in her latter twenties or early thirties. She has a slender, slim build, with delicately wrought features. Her eyes are most assuredly her best feature -- a mosaic of green, amber and gold with long dark lashes. Purple-black hair is cut in a very flattering chin-length bob. Beautiful, impeccable white skin, is in stark contrast to her hair, eyes and faintly crimson lips. The harmony of her features is quite attractive. Perhaps her cool aloofness only adds to their charms.

Her attire is sleek and sophisticated. A floor-length frock coat of purple is form fitting. Beneath it, a black silk corset reveals the delicate curves of her breasts and the diminutive stature of her waist. A stiff, black taffeta skirt falls to the floor. From under its hem, pointy shiny black boots are revealed. Her slim hands are covered by supple black leather gloves. The only jewelry she wears is a cluster of large amethysists at her neck.


  • Avalanche - Leonard Cohen
  • We Both Go Down Together - Decemberists

  • Twosome - Deep Forest
  • #1 Crush - Garbage

  • Blue Dress - Depeche Mode
  • Bernice Bobs Her Hair - Divine Comedy

Allies and Contacts
To be announced!