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Name: Natalie Redgrove

Nationality: Mixed Race - Black and White
Occupation: Personal Assistant to Damian Lovecraft
Demeanor: Thrill Seeker
Apparent Age: 18

Nickname: Nat


"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?

RP Hooks
  • Caffeine Addict. Can often be found searching out a good cup of coffee or Red Bull.
  • Personal Assistant to Damian Lovecraft. Need to meet with him? Contact Natalie!
  • Anything adventurous appeals!
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

The first thing most people notice about this young woman is her height. She stands a few inches over six feet tall. Her complexion is a light brown shade that speaks wordlessly of a mixed heritage. Her eyes are large and wide-spaced. The color is a striking honey-brown with thick lashes to frame them. Her nose is slender and her lips are full and soft looking. Her face has an almost angular look to it with a high forehead and narrow chin. Her hair, a dark chocolate brown, has been worked into micro-braids angling away from her face and back toward the back of her head where the braids end and her hair falls in a riot of ringlets and curls halfway down her back. Her hair has been accented with streaks of copper and gold in such a way that entire braids are one of those colors. Random curls and ringlets are also accented with the same colors. The hairstyle gives her an elegant appearance.

Her build is long and lean. Many would call her wiry though she is not thin and weakly. She is clothed in simple clothing. A pair of skinny fit jeans hug her long legs. Hanging from one belt loop is a grey rabbit’s foot key ring. A wide-necked three-quarter sleeved tee follows close to her slender torso without clinging. The wide neck allows a thin band of what appears to be tribal art inked in black along her right collarbone to be seen. A pair of well worn black and teal colored tennis shoes protect her feet. When she's out in the cold she wears a black leather coat to protect her from the elements. It has a hood that she uses when the weather is particularly bad.

Allies and Contacts
Dam.jpg Boss man! :) Bill.jpg Friend. Tara.jpg She's interesting. Jack.jpg Another friend. Glad to find so many!.
Chandler.jpg An interesting girl, but very busy! Petra.jpg Interesting lady! Jai11.png Curious about him. Raine1.jpg Such a nice woman.
Devlin.jpg Brooding, sometimes. But a good guy. Iakov.png Interesting guy. I'm curious. Thimba.jpg So much to say... GeorgiaNPC.jpg She's amazing, and such a great help.
Rashidi.jpg He's a great teacher and friend too. Madiha.jpg Sometimes a girl just needs someone to talk with.