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Name: Joshua Lynn Kelly

Nationality: American
Occupation: Detective, APD
Demeanor: Judge
Apparent Age: Late twenties

Nickname: Josh

"What do you mean I won't believe you? Just because you've got three kilos of smack and two bodies in the trunk doesn't mean there isn't a perfectly reasonable explanation."

"Hey John, get out of the cruiser and come over here to say “Thank You.” We stopped the guy who pays OUR salary!"
RP Hooks
  • Victim of a crime? Joshua is a detective in the Major Crimes Division of the APD. He can help! ... Okay, probably not. But at least he'll look into it.
  • Repeat offender? Josh can harass you!
  • When not working, he can be found exploring the local night life.
  • Drop me a page and we'll find something.
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

This is a man who might be said to be handsome, though as always beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Joshua stands at around six feet in height and though he's in good shape, from his physique it looks as though he puts more focus on speed and agility rather than brute strength. Dark hair is cut short and his eyes, upon closer inspection, yield an interesting sight; the right is a light green, the left as blue as a cloudless summer sky. Laugh lines crease the corners of his lips as they seem to more often than not be pulled into a faint smile.

On his feet are dark reddish-brown dress shoes, polished to a shine, and under them a pair of navy blue socks. Charcoal grey slacks fall from his waist, the cuffs of which are upturned about an inch. A neat crease runs along the front and back of the slacks and a brown leather belt encircles the man's waist. Over a white dress shirt, the color of his blazer matches that of his slacks perfectly, dark grey with a bit of a sheen to it, owed no doubt to the dry cleaning service. The tie he's chosen to wear today is a silver diamond pattern on a field of dark navy with a white pocket square, which is neatly folded and tucked into the breast pocket of his blazer. During the colder months, he also sports a dark brown overcoat. And finally, rounding out the accessories category is a silver watch around his right wrist and, during the day, a pair of wrap-around style sunglasses, the color of the frames resembling that of his shoes.

Allies and Contacts
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