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The KiMo Theatre -- Cafe -- Albuquerque

 Once a luncheonette and curio shop, the KiMo Cafe is as intriguing as the historic theatre which houses it. The Cafe is filled with movie memorabilia, including some pipes from the original Wurlitzer organ which used to play at silent film performances, which have been made into a truly eclectic art piece. Classic film posters from the KiMo's Picture Palace days of the 1920s and 1930s line the walls. The Cafe also proudly displays a number of "curiosities," including one of the amber-eyed cow skulls from the theatre lobby, Roswell-themed alien artifacts, and a stuffed "jackalope."

 The walls of the Cafe are soundproof to ensure that sound from its nightly screenings of classic Hollywood films does not interfere with the performances at the Theatre. A schedule of upcoming films is posted weekly. Offering a casual yet tasty 'menu,' the Cafe is the ultimate in funky and hip dining. This is a great place to kick back, relax, watch a snippet of a movie... or just grab a quick bite after a performance next door.

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