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Despite the bustling presence of University Hospital just a block to the west, this Near Heights neighborhood has an almost somnolent quality to it. A streetscape of trees was planted many years ago to create a path to the hospital from Campus Drive at the University. This pleasant walk is made daily by countless students, professors, and doctors.

There is definitely an economic and social diversity in the area, which is primarily residential, although there are a few small businesses, bars, and restaurants nearby. Everything in this section of Lomas seems geared toward the hospital to the west and the University to the east. A few dilapidated apartment buildings, notably Budget Arms, are clustered on this block, providing prime housing for the academic types.

Places of Note
  • Budget Arms
    • A two-story building dating to the post-war boom of the 1950s, Budget Arms offers up affordable (Res 2) housing without too many perks or thrills. Its convenient location near the University of New Mexico and University Hospital makes Budget Arms a magnet for students and medical types alike. Free parking is available for tenants and their guests.
  • Dans en Siel
    • A three story building with a stone facing covered in a notable mural, large picture windows around much of the ground floor, and large arched windows on its upper floors. 'Dans en Siel' is spelled in large brass letters above a main entrance to the ground floor rooms as well as the stairwell and small elevator leading to the upper levels. Several side entrances lead into the building as well, most of which are used as exits only. Classes in all sorts of dancing as well as yoga and (for children) tumbling are offered within.
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