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A short distance from the University of New Mexico's central campus, this block of Lomas is filled with parking structures and small office complexes. The area's buildings are mostly under three stories in height, the architectural styles ranging from Neo Moderne to Pueblo Revival. Demand for new office space and enlarged parking facilities has meant the razing of many surrounding residences, making this block primarily commercial.

Lomas is quite busy, with both foot and vehicular traffic heading west toward University Hospital and east toward the campus. Tucked in among the various offices is a little church, one of the many erected in this Near Heights neighborhood during the 1950s. The Sunrise Office Suites building is adjacent, its harsh steel and glass lines softened by tasteful landscaping.

Places of Note
  • Sunrise Office Suites
    • Conveniently close to the University of New Mexico campus, the Sunrise Office Suites offers competitive rates for standard office suites, as well as free covered parking.
  1. Morgan and Knodds Psychiatry
  • Office Suites Parking
    • Parking for Sunrise Office Suites
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