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Lauren Alexandra Casslin-Diaz

Nationality: American: Irish - Spanish/Native
Occupation: Photo Journalist
Art Collector/Critic
Demeanor: Sensualist

Nickname: Cass
Played By: Olivia Wilde

Age: Late Teens - Early Twenties
Hair/Eyes: Dark Red -- Intense Sapphire Blue
Build/Height: Hourglass -- 5'7"
"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?

"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?
RP Hooks
  • High Society/Wealthy - She's one of them, both an heir to the Cass-Diaz fortune (Local) and a wealthy socialite in her own regards, sole descendant of the Casslin bloodline (European). Former Miss New Mexico.
  • Government - Goverment Influence is clear in Lauren's world, there are rumors she will be running for Mayor of the city.
  • Business - The Cass-Diaz name is on many of the land and business within the city, including undeveopled lands along the edge of the city itself.
  • University - Lauren is working on her Masters in Languages from the University of New Mexico and is known around campus.
  • Casino - Lauren seems to have a place/suite/penthouse in the Sand's Casino and has been known at the tables as well.
  • Art -
  • Investments -
  • Photography -
  • Journalism -
  • Newspaper/Media -
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description
Cascades of silken, crimson tresses fall in heavy ringlets to frame a visage of something extraordinary: arched cheekbones, an angular jawline, full curvaceous lips, and a royal nose clearly proclaim her origins among golden skin. Thick sooty lashes covered haunting sapphire eyes that beckon with a siren's call. Her voice is husky and melodious, reflecting the warm and heady scent of amber, light musk, henna blossoms and sandalwood that clings to her like a second skin.

At a voluptuous five eight, her clothes were clearly tailor-made to highlight her form. A beautiful blouse wraps closely around her in layers of burnt umber. A black belt curls around her hips, bringing the fitted blouse into line to highlight the curve of her hips. Rich black silk pants fall to her booted feet. The boots are made of a deep leather that blends with the full outfit, textured with the same designs from the cuffs above.

Allies and Contacts
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As one can tell by the gallery, Cass is a natural red-head who seems to enjoy being a platinum blonde or a ebony haired beauty when the mood hits her. Her eyes are also known to change from their natural sapphire blue, to an emerald green, a pale silvery grey and even a golden hue. The best guess for the changes are contacts and wigs/hair dye.