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Name: Liam Flanagan Brennan

Nationality: Lost Vegas
Occupation: APD Patrolman
Demeanor: Survivor
Apparent Age: Twenties

Nickname: "That Asshole Cop"


"Insert witty quote."
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"Insert witty quote."
Who said it?

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A Glimpse Within
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Physical Description
A hair over six feet tall and roughly a hundred seventy five pounds of Irish-American cop. Even in street clothes, the fact of him being an officer would shine through with one look at the deep and suspicious glint in his eyes. Sharp, penetrating green eyes with a hint of hazel about his pupils, bearing an almost cynical look to them. Hard, worn, but unbroken. Yet underneath all the bitterness and pain there's a warmth beneath the surface. A sense that he truly does care, no matter what life throws at him. His face is cleanly shaven, not particularly handsome. Almost ordinary at first glance, just another face in the crowd if your attention doesn't linger for too long. Not particularly strong, but lean and tough. Fit, like a long distance runner.

Atop his head is a standard issue APD patrolman's hat that almost completely hides his dark reddish-brown hair. A wisp or two might peek out, particularly if he put the hat on in a hurry or if it's late in the day. Also worn is a deep blue, bordering on black, APD uniform, complete with a utility belt about his waist. Underneath the top of that uniform is a hint of a dark gray thin cotton undershirt he typically wears. All of the appropriate patches on the upper arms, chest and back mark him as a patrolman as opposed to a full police detective. His silver shield is clipped in place over his left chest, opposite metallic name tag that reads "Brennan".

Allies and Contacts
Former Detective Andrea Fairburn
Officer Elvira Penrose
Photo not available. Albuquerque Police Department

Formerly with the Major Crimes Division

Photo not available. Albuquerque Police Department

Patrol Officer