Lost and Found Pawn Shop

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Lost and Found Pawn Shop


 The Lost and Found Pawn Shop. A fairly nice-looking place, considering the location. A big, clean window, reinforced glass backed by solid-looking bars, shows the multitude of items on display shelves within. A neon sign announcing 'Pawn Shop' sits towards the top of it. Flyers on the door proclaim 'Items bought and sold' 'Musical instruments' '$$$ quick' and other such messages. A small red light blinks on a CCTV camera set on a stand above the window. When closed, a large metal shutter is pulled and locked over the whole front. Hours aren't posted and seem to be a bit irregular.


 The front room of the pawn shop is a good size, the faint smells of oil and wax lingering in the air. The front window is almost completely obscured by shelves of items on display, an eclectic collection ranging from sporting goods to artwork and small electronics. The floor is dark polished wood, and the walls, where they're visible at all, are a warm adobe red. One wall is dedicated to a display of guitars and other musical instruments, and most of the available wall space is covered with pictures and posters.

 A long glass counter stretches the length of the back wall, with further locked cases flanking a locked door behind it. Under the glass and in the back cases are the more valuable items: gold jewelry, electronics. Over in a back corner is a workbench with a few tools and a stool, along with a couple of threadbare chairs. Along the rightmost wall there is a long wooden bench situated just outside the main shopping area. An old poker table hangs under a neon 'Coors Light' sign.

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Nathan: Proprietor
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Long wooden bench:

A long wooden bench with red velvet cushioning that is spotted and torn in a couple of places, but generally looks servicable and comfortable.

An Old Poker Table:
An old poker table with five wooden chairs pushed beneath it. The green felt is slightly dingy and worn.

At the counter:
The long glass front counter has most of the more expensive peices hidden behind it, but still out on display. There is a register sitting at the edge closest to the backroom door.


There are two CCTV cameras in opposite corners of the room, providing what looks like full coverage.

All around the room there are various 'easter eggs' that one would expect to find in a shop where people pawn away their treasures. At one corner there's a standing cutout of Han Solo with his blaster raised in the air, while on another there's a framed movie poster from the original 'Night of the Living Dead'. Generally, there's all manner of colorful additions to give a subtle touch to the establishment, amongst the rows of more expected items.

These plants have bright green leaves with faint veins of darker emerald. They flower purple buds that are vaguely shaped a spiked bell. Dotting the plant here and there are black, shiny berries. There are three of them positioned at verying locations across the counter.

One is about the size of a large fist, carved out of a piece of fragrant-smelling hardwood: it is still fresh, imbued with the smell of sap. It is in the shape of a turtle resting on a branch. It is in repose despite the diagonal angle it sits in, and looks content: its head poked out at a comfortable distance from its shell, its limbs are all touching a surface. What's more, the work put into it is really good, looking right at home in an antique shop somewhere.
The second piece is made from the same material, except this time its a muskrat nibbling on dandelions. There's plenty of detail in its fur and the creature's body looks spot-on, save for Weston's unique artistic touches that make the animal look more at home in a Celtic bas-relief than in modern sculpture. Still, it's plenty recognizable, and quite good.