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Name: Mallory White

Nationality: British
Occupation: Modiste
Demeanor: Candyfloss and Cyanide
Apparent Age: Thirty

Nickname: Auntie Mal


"She's a predator posing as a house pet."
Fight Club

"She is a lady indeed, although my limited experience of her suggests that she is also a mixture of the warrior queen Boadicea without the chariot, Catherine de' Medici without the poisoned rings, and Attila the Hun without his wonderful sense of fun. Do not play cards with her, because she cheats like a Mississippi bustout dealer, keep sherry away from her, do everything she says, and we might all live."
Terry Pratchett

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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

Practically perfect in every way. Mallory White is certainly a woman who takes pride in her appearance.

She isn't necessarily the type to be called "beautiful", however, though she certainly isn't ugly. There's just something about her that sends the mind away from such traditional terms. "Severe" might be more appropriate. It certainly seems to be the kind of thing she's going for.

She stands - with impeccable posture, of course - at just below six feet in height. Her hair, which sits somewhere between copper and the standard brunette, is almost always done up into a tight bun, and whatever lipstick or other cosmetics she sees fit to make use of are always applied sparingly and professionally. This combines with the naturally firm set of her jaw and the delicate arch of her eyebrows to give her the kind of face one might associate with a pretty, but strict, schoolteacher. The kind that is used to giving commands to tantruming children - and having those commands obeyed.

The rest of her body is treated similarly; while she is certainly not lacking in curves, she tends to dress in simple, formal attire that covers everything from the neck down quite definitely. She favors greys and blacks, with white undershirts when appropriate, and perhaps a splash of red here or there to taste. A bow tie, usually, to cap off her favored business-suit-and-skirt combination. Sensible flats and a wide-brimmed black hat, with a few flowers on it, finish the ensemble.

Actually, she's rather pretty, if conservatively dressed. If only she would stop staring at people like she was measuring them, or smiling that tiny, curved little smile that says "yes, dear, now kindly do be quiet". Even her voice, while light and melodic, with a pronounced English accent, has that definite schoolmaster edge to it, as if the listener is merely being tolerated for the moment.

All in all, yes. Severe is the word. Pretty, yes. Perhaps even a bit sweet-looking. But the way she carries herself makes her look, somehow, unapproachable. Cold.

Or... perhaps not cold, precisely. There's something in the eyes... Something that suggests a different word...

Perhaps... Perhaps...


Allies and Contacts
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