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Name: Maria Kovalenko

Nationality: Chicago
Occupation: Who knows...
Demeanor: Judge
Apparent Age: Mid or late twenties

Nickname: Maria


"A man is judged by his deeds, not by his words."
Russian proverb

"Measure seven times, cut once."
Russian proverb

RP Hooks
  • Maria is a NPC run by Masq staff.
  • If you want a scene, feel free to +mail.
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A Glimpse Within
Physical Description

There is a coiled tension around this young woman's eyes, making her seem older than her chronological age (mid-twenties, most likely). She projects an aura of stress and tension rather than youth and exuberance. Despite this sour demeanor, she's undeniably beautiful, in a stark, chiseled sort of way. High, broad cheekbones and weirdly light green eyes are offset by tanned skin. Her glossy black hair is pulled, actually scraped, back from her face, adding to the severe look.

Height-wise, she is taller than average and while not overly muscular, has an athletic build. The best way to describe her attire is business-casual, but even that seems oddly formal. She sounds normal, American, but there's definitely something foreign-seeming about her.

Allies and Contacts